At Trumco, trust has never been a “given”; trust has to be earned. The best way to start the trust building process is through satisfied customers who are willing to attest to our harvesting process and philosophy. We wouldn’t take someone’s word on blind faith and we don’t expect you to either. That’s why we encourage you to ask for a list of references. This will enable you to talk with landowners we dealt with in the past. You’ll gain a better understanding of how committed we are to customer satisfaction. We also encourage you to fill out the questionnaire so we can send you more detailed information, and have one of our foresters contact you at your convenience.

I believe you must do your homework up front before you hire any company. I worked through the Ohio Forestry Association to get names of companies that could bid on harvesting my land. After a very thorough bidding process, I chose Trumco. Working with Trumco proved to be an excellent experience. Dave and I walked the property marking trees, and Trumco did exactly as I wished. Plus, they did a great job of cleaning up and didn’t leave any deep ruts. After my experience, I didn’t hesitate to recommend Trumco to others.

Kingsville, Ohio Roger Desin

The people at Trumco are very reliable and good to deal with. Trust is key because there are many less-than-reputable foresters out there and people have to be careful. Trumco wants to build a relationship with you. They aren’t always looking to clear-cut the land for a quick profit. They select the mature trees only for harvesting, so they do what’s best for the land, for you, and for them. Because of my positive experience with Trumco, I have recommended them to several other landowners.

Fredonia, PA Leland King

We started doing business with Jim Bertin as our forestry consultant in 1989. Since meeting Jim and the people at Trumco, we have used them on an on-going basis every 2-3 years. Trumco select cuts our land based on our wishes. There are a lot of fly-by-night operations out there and we’ve heard many horror stories. When you choose to have your trees harvested, you must employ experts to handle the job properly. Jim Bertin and Trumco are experts.

Mercer, PA Bob and Joanne

I have had Tumco cut two pieces of property for me so far. I was so satisfied with the first cut that I called them back to cut the second property for me six months later. Trumco performed selective cutting on both pieces of land. I was very impressed with the care they took with my property. Trumco worked very quickly and professionally and did an outstanding job. I’m 100% satisfied and have recommended Trumco to two of my neighbors.

Butler, PA Ralph Cooper