Landowner Resources

Who controls the harvest?

You do! It’s your land and Trumbull believes that you should control where and when we harvest as well as how much we harvest. 

Some clients want their land cleared completely, other just want it thinned out. 

With Trumbull, it’s not an all or nothing proposition. We want you to be completely comfortable with the entire process. We customize every harvest to meet the landowners’ needs.

Selection or Single Tree Harvest

Removes mature trees, including those of low quality and poor form, to allow more space to grow. This gives the land a higher value and produces healthier trees. Higher value trees may also be harvested during this process.

Timber Stand Improvement

Removes less desirable and low-value trees (deformed, diseased, damaged, or defective) to encourage the healthy growth of the remaining trees. The presence of these low-value trees reduces the growth potential of desirable trees due to the greater competition for nutrients, moisture, and space.


Required to obtain optimum tree spacing. The amount of thinning needed depends on the size and distribution of the trees. Proper thinning allows the remaining trees to double or triple in size, resulting in higher yields and more quality products during later harvests.

Shelterwood and Seed Tree Harvest

A regeneration method, this type of harvest is accomplished by removing most of the trees on the plot, leaving healthy, mature trees scattered about with plenty of room to grow. The remaining trees provide adequate seed sources and shade for re-growing the forest.

Clearcut Harvest

Removes all trees from a selected area, usually accomplished by a portion of the forest at a time. This method is modeled after nature’s way of regenerating a forest. This method allows full sunlight to reach the forest floor, enabling all trees to grow and prosper.