Flooring Grade Lumber

Flooring Grade Lumber

Flooring grade lumber is a type of hardwood lumber that is specifically designed and manufactured for use in the residential and commercial flooring industry. The main characteristic of selling flooring grade lumber is that it must be sorted per customer specifications; whether that is Rustic Grade Hickory, Color Sorted Cherry and Maple, or flooring grade Red & White Oak. . This ensures that the finished flooring product is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting.

Grade Lumber for Flooring Companies

At Trumbull Forest Products, we understand the unique needs of flooring companies and are committed to providing the highest quality flooring grade lumber. We source our hardwood from our own sustainable forestry operations in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Northern West Virginia. We take great care to select only the finest logs , which are then carefully sorted and shipped to our facility for processing.

Environmental Care

At Trumbull Forest Products, the environment is our number one concern. We understand that our logging and manufacturing operations have an impact on the environment, and we take great care to minimize that impact.

We employ professional foresters and require that our logging crews are certified in Environmental Logging through the state SFI programs. This ensures that we are using the best practices for protecting the wildlife that makes the forest their home, as well as for the regeneration of the forest itself. We also take into account the effects of soil erosion and run-off as well as the possibility of contaminants to the environment.

Through selective harvesting, we are able to control the impact we have on your land with regards to wildlife, regeneration, soil erosion, and contamination. We believe that by protecting our environment today, we ensure the resource will be there in the future for others to enjoy.