Inventory Management

Custom Dimensions

Managed Inventory Programs

As a leader in wood products manufacturing, Trumbull Forest Products offers many different programs to manage your wood pallet requirements for maximum cost effectiveness as well as the following benefits and advantages stated below.

These programs help control your company’s pallet and crate quantity, usage, and replenishment so you’re not stocking an excess amount of costly inventory.

More importantly, by tracking your company’s wood product usage trends, we are able to be certain that you won’t run short of pallets or crates. This situation could lead to a costly situation if your company has to shut down production or postpone shipments.

Small quantity usage tends to increase prices because small orders can carry a set-up charge. With a managed inventory program, larger quantities are manufactured which reduces the overall price per product. A smaller quantity (or partial) can be delivered while the remainder is stocked on the ground for future releases.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We identify your daily or weekly pallet or crate usage trends and calculate how many days of usage you should keep in your inventory. A regular schedule is established where we visit your facility and take a count of your inventory on a predetermined day(s). Afterwards, we automatically replenish your inventory as needed on an ongoing basis by scheduling deliveries in order to maintain max stock levels.

Customer Managed Inventory

This is the same program as the Vendor Managed program outlined above except you would take the regular inventory count at your facility. You would need to contact us with the order quantity necessary to replenish your inventory and we would schedule the delivery to maintain your max quantity.


We determine your daily or weekly pallet or crate usage trends, and then calculate how many days of usage we need to keep for your company in the inventory at our facility,. We establish an ongoing schedule to plan a predetermined day(s) to come take count of your inventory on the ground here at our warehouse. When inventory starts getting low, we automatically schedule a production run to replenish that inventory to maintain optimum stock levels for you.